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⚡ Read First

This project covers steps and completion status for the very
core book preparation, printing & publishing process and
related approvals. Please track this page to see % completion
of your book publishing process and visualize overall progress.
This drastically eliminates thousands of email chains we will be
involving letting all authors know their project status. And,
finally, our associates can concentrate more on working on
your project.

Please understand, we do our best to ensure we can send your
book to printing ASAP and once we receive approval from you
(the author) regarding the final manuscript and the book cover,
it will be printed and ready for shipping within a maximum
of 14 days.

But, this is very important for you to understand that, UNLESS
we receive APPROVALS from you, for any simplest change, we
cannot start counting the 14 – day timer. Why? Because we
value you and we strive to make you 100% satisfied. How?
Imagine, on the very first day of the month you paid us for full
and uploaded the manuscript. Now, after we implement the
layout settings and do the promised proofreading and editing
(as per the package you have paid for) if we do not ask for your
approvals, will you be really happy for those unnoticed
changes? Even if, one of our most creative senior book cover
designer does his very best assignment by delivering a
stunning design, you may still choose to pay extra for
additional revisions or even complete design changes. How can
we send it for printing without YOUR APPROVAL? Now
imagine, in case one of our clients is very passionate regarding
perfection and has a decent amount of budget fulfilling his/her
dream, there can be multiple numbers of payment, approval
and change cycles which is undetermined and not easy to
predict. So, the urge of having complete satisfaction overrides
the project deadline, which is perfectly alright as in the real
world, everything is not perfect but some are – like our final
delivery and your happiness.

🔗 Useful Links

💁 Project Manager (PM)

Project manager is the responsible book publishing manager
assigned to track the progress of you project. You may call your
PM in case of utmost urgency. The regular way for smooth
progress is tracking over this project dashboard.

PM: [Name of the PM]

📊 Status Summary

The below status summary is for your Project Manager to update and save. The author’s changes to the below table (if any) will be auto-discarded and the project team will NEVER be notified about those changes. Only the Project Manager has permission to change and save the below table statuses.

Artifacts Date Status
Final Manuscript yyyy-mm-dd Client Pending ApprovalClient ApprovedClient Rejected
Final Book Cover yyyy-mm-dd Client Pending ApprovalClient ApprovedClient Rejected
Final MRP & Royalty yyyy-mm-dd Client Pending ApprovalClient ApprovedClient Rejected
Pre-Publishing check of Manuscript, cover, MRP, ISBN, Barcode yyyy-mm-dd Client Pending ApprovalClient ApprovedClient Rejected

💾 Core File Backups

Cloud backup link of important project files like manuscript, cover etc.

Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d5cktsIDbMImhNwU8pOj6QtXdqMLwaqo?usp=sharing

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